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I’m still knitting

Posted by Andi on April 2, 2011

I haven’t written about knitting much lately, but I have been doing it. I guess there isn’t much to say when you are knitting a cardigan out of lace weight yarn and it’s predominantly stockinette stitch.

WIP - Geodesic cardigan

Here is the beginning of my Geodesic Cardigan. This picture doesn’t do the color justice, but it’s a beautiful green and brown colorway called Autumn Forest, which makes sense. It’s Malabrigo Lace, which is yummy to knit with, but having just completed a project out of Malabrigo Sock I think I prefer the sock yarn. Anyway, I will not bore you with constant updates about this thing until I get to the tucks, where it gets interesting.

In other news, I purchased the yarn for the scarf, hat, and mittens I’m going to make to go with my winter coat. I figure the hat and mittens are great projects for the summer because they are small. The scarf, however, is double knit, so I think I want to tackle that in the spring before it gets too hot.


One Response to “I’m still knitting”

  1. It’s looking fantastic! It’s also understandable that there wouldn’t be much to update on.
    I’m having the same thing happen, too. My jacket is a pretty basic pattern and all the photos look the same, so I feel like a post about it is really anything new.

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