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In which we try to grow things

Posted by Andi on March 19, 2011

Because our current apartment has much more natural light in the kitchen as well as a porch we decided we wanted to try our hands at growing herbs. Over the past few years we’ve been using many more herbs and spices in our cooking, and started buying fresh herbs more frequently, and decided to start growing our own. We bought a few plants when we first moved into this apartment, and our first herb experiment was pretty much a failure. Of the three or four plants we had only one, our marjoram plant is the only one that is still alive.

Our desire to grow our own herbs has piqued again recently because we’re planning to start a garden with my mom (more on that on a later date). Today we went with my mom to Home Depot to buy seeds for the new garden, and an herb kit caught my eye. My mom wasn’t interested in adding herbs to our garden, so we bought the kit to grow herbs at home.

Herb seeds

It came with five kinds of herbs: chives, parsley, cilantro, oregano, and basil. It also came with the pots, which are apparently biodegradable.

Herb pots

Next we put two of these pellets into the pots. They were sort of like soil but dried out.

Soil pellets

When you add water, the pellets expand and have the consistency of soil.


Next we put the seeds into the pot. I felt tricked when I opened one of the seed packets and found yet another seed packet inside! It was sort of like when you unwrap a gift box and find another gift box inside.

Hey, another packet!

Finally, we put the pots on the little stand that came with the kit and put it in the window.

Ready to grow

We will keep the pots in the kitchen until it gets warmer outside, and then we will put them on the porch. Here’s hoping we get lots of yummy herbs in the near future!


2 Responses to “In which we try to grow things”

  1. Ariel said

    Good luck! I hope it turns out. I’m embarking on herb and veggie growing this year! Need to planty basil seeds soon. I really hope they turn out, I loooove basil.

    • Andi said

      I hope our herbs grow well. You will have to let me know how yours go. We also might start making cheese! Is this a new email address? I don’t think this is the one I have saved for you. Let me know if you use this one more and I will make the change 🙂

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