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FO: Perseverance

Posted by Andi on March 13, 2011

Pattern: Perseverance by Lauren Weinhold
Yarn: Malabrigo Sock in Arbol, 1 skein
Needles: US 6
Date started: 22 February 2011
Date completed: 10 March 2011

This is the second of (hopefully) ten projects for the Sock Stash Knitdown 2011. I originally intended to knit socks with this yarn. As a matter of fact, I wound it before my trip to Thailand thinking it would be my second project on the trip, but when I found out I couldn’t bring knitting needles on the plane I left it behind. I chose a sock pattern for it and everything. But look at this gorgeous yarn:


I loved the colors way too much to hide this yarn in my shoes and under pants legs. It had to be worn somewhere where I could see it! So I started looking for shawl patterns.

This pattern was designed by one of my Ravelry friends, and it had been in my queue since I first noticed it. It’s mostly stockinette with some reverse stockinette, half linen stitch, and garter stitch. The design was simple enough that any pattern didn’t get lost in the changing colors of the yarn, but the different stitches showed off the yarn differently. It was just what I was looking for!



2 Responses to “FO: Perseverance”

  1. lolly said

    Goodness me, this is stunning, Andi. It looks amazing in that yarn, and I can imagine that it will also look great on you with your hair color! I hope you enjoy wearing it! ;D

  2. Louise said

    Great shawl – love the colour and the textures!

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