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As if I don’t have enough to do

Posted by Andi on February 1, 2011

In late summer/early fall 2009 I made a hat, scarf, and glove set for my brown wool winter coat. In the end I wasn’t happy with the set. I love the hat, and it’s the only piece I wear regularly. I didn’t like how the scarf turned out. It’s not horrid, but it’s not what I want. It’s too narrow. Maybe I can try to block it wider, but I don’t know how much that will help. The problem with the gloves is that I had to order the yarn separately, and although I ordered the same colorway it looks very different. Plus, the gloves aren’t that warm.

While surfing Ravelry the other day I saw a picture of the Flocked Mittens and was inspired. Light blue and brown is one of my favorite color combinations, and I thought these would look great with the brown coat. So now I’m going to make a whole new hat, scarf, and mitten set with light blue as the main color and brown as the contrast color. This time I will make sure that the yarn for all three projects is the same weight and the same dye lot, bought at the same time. The mittens call for worsted weight yarn, so I started a search for hat and scarf patterns using worsted weight yarn in two colors.

Because of the wonder that is Ravelry it took me all of about 15 minutes to decide on the other patterns. The scarf will be Gerda’s Scarf from the Holiday 2010 issues of Interweave Knits. I’m okay with the fact that the stitch pattern is different from the mittens. I think that will make it more interesting to knit. Finally, in contrast to the bold stitch patterns in the mittens and scarf, I chose the Yulie hat to keep it simple.

I have a ton of other projects I want to accomplish, so I really shouldn’t add three more (including a double knit scarf that will take forever) that need to be done by about November, but I’m going to add them anyway.


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