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Resolution Fail

Posted by Andi on December 31, 2010

My knitting resolution for 2010 was to complete 26 projects, an average of one every two weeks. I have completed only 24 projects, and therefore did not succeed. I’m very close to having 25 as Tim’s Christmas sweater is close to being done, but it just won’t be finished before midnight.

Whenever I do not succeed at something I set out to do I examine why it did not work out. I think one think that hurt was when I read that I was not allowed to take knitting needles in my carry on baggage on flights to and from South Korea. That was over 30 hours of potential knitting time each way that I missed out on. I probably would have finished the Twisted socks I started once I landed in Bangkok, but as of now I’m only to the heel flap of the first sock. That would have put me at 25 projects – it’s not 26 but it would have brought me one project closer. At that point I could have whipped up a quick dishcloth or something this evening and made my goal.

Still, 24 finished objects is nothing to sneeze at, and it’s the largest number of projects I have ever completed in a year. So that’s something. As when I fail, I like to examine why something worked out well. This year, the reason why I was able to finish so many projects was that I knit a lot of quick projects as a way to avoid working on the Blanket From Hell, which still isn’t finished. If I had put in the time to finish the blanket I probably would not have completed 24 projects. That isn’t something to be proud of given that the Blanket From Hell is a long overdue gift for a friend.

There is no more point in looking backwards. Only forwards. So, here are my knitting goals for 2011.

1. Finish the Blanket From Hell. I’m so close!

2. I’m participating in the January Hat Trick in the Puck This! group on Ravelry. The goal is to knit at least three hats in the month of January. I have four patterns chosen and the corresponding yarn chosen, so if I finish the third one early I can do four. But I need to be reasonable. The goal is three hats.

3. I’m also participating in the Sock Stash Knitdown in the Stash and Burn group on Ravelry. Most of the people participating are planning to knit down 12 skeins of sock yarn from their stash. Because of my time constraints and other projects I want to complete, my goal is to knit down 10 skeins. I’m counting the Twisted socks I have already started because I haven’t worked on them in weeks, and they are only about 20% done. I probably won’t work on them again until February, so yes, they count. Even though we are knitting down our sock yarn stash does not mean we have to knit socks. One of those three hats I mentioned above? Yeah, going to be knit out of sock yarn. I may as well kill two birds with one stone!

4. I have yarn for three garments that has been sitting in my stash, and I want to knit all three garments this year. I bought some recycled yarn at Yarn Con in 2009, some Malabrigo Lace to make a cardigan back in the summer, and a sweater’s worth of Dream In Color Classy at their warehouse sale a few months ago. I have projects in mind, and I have no excuse. I need to get started on those.

That would make for 16 or 17 finished objects in 2011, depending on if I do three or four hats in January. Oh, wait, there is a cowl I really want to make, and it’s not made out of sock yarn. And I want it now. NOW! So that would be 17 or 18 projects. Oh, and finish Tim’s Christmas sweater. That would be 18 or 19 projects. Well, after doing 24 this year, 18 or 19 shouldn’t be a problem, should it?


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