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Saddle up!

Posted by Andi on December 28, 2010

One of the things I love about knitting is that there are constantly new challenges to tackle if you choose to do so. I was excited when Tim chose the Iain pattern for his Christmas sweater because it looked like it would be a great challenge — not difficult, but requiring some thought and new-to-me techniques, such as the saddle shoulder.

My first saddle shoulder

I have successfully tackled the saddle shoulders on this sweater. The first one, which I started Saturday night, was quite a challenge at first. After reading the pattern instructions several times I just couldn’t get my head around what I was supposed to do. I decided to start doing what the instructions said, and as soon as I cast on for the cable and had the three needles in my hands something clicked in my head and it became clear to me. It was slow going at first as I learned the pattern, but soon I was able to do it quickly. I worked on the second saddle shoulder last night, and it took a fraction of the time the first one did.

I’m still debating how I feel about the saddle shoulder. I think it looks great, at least as a part of this pattern where the cable starts at the neck and goes all the way down the sleeve and looks really nice. And, even better, I did not have to seam the shoulders together! I hate seaming. The only drawback is that it took forever. Although the second saddle shoulder went much more quickly than the first, it still took over an hour. Ordinarily this might not be a problem, but this is a gift that is past due. If I had seamed the shoulders (or, even quicker, done a three-needle bind off), it would have taken a fraction of the time, I figure I would be done with the sleeves instead of just starting the second sleeve.

In the end, I think it’s going to look great when Tim wears it, and that’s most important.


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