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Christmas comes whether you are ready or not

Posted by Andi on December 25, 2010

Tim and I exchanged gifts this morning. He got me a copy of Amigurumi Knits by Hansi Singh because he saw me ogling a copy at a local yarn store. Here’s what Tim got:

Merry Christmas, Tim!

Clearly, I didn’t finish the sweater in time for Christmas. I’ve made a lot of progress, though. I finished the back and am almost done with the front. That leaves the saddle shoulders, sleeves, and hood to finish. A few weeks ago I feared the sweater wouldn’t be ready in time, so when I saw that Threadless was having a $9 t-shirt sale I bought two for Tim so he would have something to open on Christmas (and two for me that I have been wanting for years). When the package arrived I showed Tim the two t-shirts I bought myself so that he wouldn’t become suspicious and wonder if the package had gifts for him in it. As he was admiring my shirts, he mentioned that he had seen a Threadless t-shirt he really liked, the Space Invaders shirt. I got very excited because one of the shirts I got him was a Space Invaders shirt, and without thinking I ran into the other room, grabbed the package with his two t-shirts in it, ran back into the room and, pulling out the Space Invaders shirt, said, “Do you mean this one??!!” I was so excited that I picked out the shirt he had wanted without knowing that I blew the surprise. Oh well. The sweater wasn’t a surprise either.

[Edited to add: After posting this picture on Ravelry I realized what bag it was in. It has a Franklin Habit cartoon depicting someone giving a loved one a sweater for Christmas! Ha! Only Tim is definitely not an ingrate :)]

I may have completed more of the sweater yesterday, but we decided to go to the Christkindlmarket.


It was the 15th year the market has been at the Daley Center, and I had never gone. Since I had Christmas Eve off work for the holiday and we had no other plans, we decided this would be a good day to go to the market. There were lots of lovely hand-made gifts.

glass ornament

Most were made of glass, such as ornaments or glasses, or wood. There were lots of beautiful wood carvings. I wanted a cuckoo clock.

Handmade gifts

We saw some things we wanted for ourselves, and some items that would have made great gifts for members of our family had our Christmas shopping not already been complete. Next year my goal is to go earlier in the season so I could do some actual Christmas shopping there instead of just browsing.

I should have bought this ornament anyway. Chicago Snowman!!!

Chicago snowman

The market is known for its German food. There was no way I was walking out of there without trying the potato pancakes. I haven’t eaten potato pancakes in years, and these were awesome.

Potato pancakes

The potato pancakes were not enough for lunch, so I also got a sandwich.

German sandwich

The meat was kind of like Spam, but way less processed. It was really good. Tim loves sausages, and there were plenty for him to choose from. But when he saw this very long sausage it was obvious it was the one he would have to try.

Long sausage

We were lucky to find a place to eat inside where it was heated. Although the light snow added to the atmosphere of the market, I didn’t want to eat in it. We washed our yummy food down with Gluhwein, which was delicious. We decided to stop at the spice store on the way home to pick up mulling spices to use with the bottle of wine we got from our landlord for Christmas. FYI, Penzey’s mulling spices are very good!

As long as I’m posting Christmas-related content, here is the skein of yarn I scored at my knitting group’s holiday party this past week:

Fibranatura Yummy

It’s Fibranatura Yummy. It’s sport weight. And I love it. It’s green!!!! And I think I have already decided what I am going to make with it. I have a few sock patterns that call for sport weight yarn as opposed to fingering weight yarn, so I think I will use one of those patterns. We shall see!


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