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Thai food, for real

Posted by Andi on December 17, 2010

I ate my way through Thailand. Really. We ate so much food. Tim’s family wanted us to try as much authentic Thai food as we could, and trust me, we did and were happy to do it. I wish I would have remembered to take pictures of more of the food that we ate, but usually as soon as it came to the table we just started eating it.

After we got off the plane, we went to 7-11 (they are everywhere) and got some snacks.

I was pretty tired when we got off the plane, so I didn’t notice that these were not the regular flavor Cheetos. Based on the taste and the picture of the hot dog I’m guessing that they were chili dog flavor. They were tasty.

Tim chose these fish snacks. They were good too.
Some sort of fish snack Tim ate.

This was my breakfast on the first morning. I think they are tom yum noodles. Very good.

This was mango and sticky rice we got at the Pattaya Floating Market. This was, without a doubt, the best mango I have ever eaten in my life.
Mango and sticky rice

We also at these scallops at the Pattaya Floating Market. They were grilled on the little shells. The sauce in the middle was very spicy, and very delicious.

Okay, so this isn’t Thai food, but it was food we ate in Thailand so… We stayed by the beach in Pattaya where there was a lot of Western food. Tim ordered a pork knuckle. As you can see, it was huge. See the fork for scale. It as at a place called Hopf Haus, which brewed its own beer (we had some of that, too). The place serves German and Italian food. I had pizza.
The pork knuckle Tim ordered

I drank coconut water on the beach. That was sweet on a variety of levels.
Cocnut water is tasty

I had this soup at a little restaurant near Wat Arun. I got the thinnest noodles they had with pork balls. There were bean sprouts in there too. I added some chili flakes. Best. Noodles. Ever.
Noodles and pork balls

This is a Chinese cake made by older gentleman in the photo below. We shared those cakes for breakfast over several days while we were traveling up in the northern part of the country.
Chinese cake
The man who makes the Chinese cakes

Here is a restaurant we ate at. I assure you the food was good, but I was more interested in taking pictures of the restaurant and its environment than I was in photographing the food.
Check this out, I ate lunch here!

We had a great dinner in Chiang Mai restaurant where we had some authentic northern food. Again, I was more interested in taking pictures of the restaurant than the food.

We had a dinner at a restaurant with northern food in Bangkok with Tim’s family. I actually took pictures of some of the food there.
Northern style food
Northern style food
Northern style food
Northern style food

I love pocky, but only had one box while I was in Thailand. This was lychee pocky and it was awesome. I wonder if I can find any around here.
Lychee pocky - Thai side

Here are curry noodles we had at a small little restaurant in Bangkok. I believe we had similar noodles in Lampang as well.
Curry noodles

This is coconut ice cream, which didn’t have the same texture as ice cream we have here. Tim and I wondered if it was made with coconut milk as opposed to cow’s milk, but we aren’t sure. Anyway, there were call kinds of add-ins for the ice cream, but not the chocolate chips or sprinkles or Reese’s peanut butter cups we see at Baskin Robbins or Cold Stone. The options were corn, peanuts, some jelly-like things, rice, barley, and maybe one or two other things. Tim’s cousin got corn and the jellies. Tim had peanuts and the jellies. I had mine with rice. Yum!
Cocount ice cream with rice

There was a ton of other awesome food we had. The best pineapple ever. Fish. We both fell in love with fried morning glory. The street food was awesome.

Speaking of street food, I got breakfast from a street cart one day. The man grilled thick white bread on one side. Then he put butter, a little bit of sugar, and some condensed milk on the hot side, then grilled the other side. It tasted like French toast. Fabulous.


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