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Vacation knitting, not!

Posted by Andi on December 12, 2010

My last post was written a few days before we left for vacation. Those few days, two weeks of vacation, and a week of getting over jet lag and catching up on everything that piles up while one is away and here we are, a month between posts.

For weeks before our trip I had been contemplating the sock projects I wanted to do on my trip. Yes, that’s projects with an s. It takes more than 30 hours each way to and from Thailand when you have a 12-hour layover each way, so I figured that would be a lot of knitting time. What else was I supposed to do for 12 hours in an airport? Although I hoped to get some sleep on the plane, with total flight time of 18 hours each way I knew I would be awake a fair bit and would need to knit.

I chose two projects. I got the yarn ready, which meant having to wind a hank. I printed out patterns. Only then did I look online to see if there were going to be any restrictions on my knitting needles. Sure enough, I found that I couldn’t carry on bamboo knitting needles (or any knitting needles for that matter) on planes bound for or departing South Korea, which is where our 12-hour layover was each way. I thought I could handle not knitting on the plane, but what was I supposed to do for those 12 hours in the airport?

I dropped one project, and packed the other one in my checked baggage. Over our first 36 hours in Bangkok I managed to cast on and knit the first four rounds of my sock. And that’s it. That’s all the knitting I did while I was on vacation. Even when we were driven to other parts of the country, I didn’t knit.

Instead I chose to read. I brought Gone with the Wind with me since a) it was 1000 pages long so I figured it would get me through the long flights and layovers, and b) it was a paperback so it wouldn’t weigh too much. And it worked out well.

It has been a long time since I read books for pleasure. Somewhere along the line I deemed it an unproductive use of my time. I only allowed myself to read for pleasure when at the gym, and I don’t belong to a gym anymore. During my commute I read magazines, not books. When I’m at home I knit, because that’s productive. If I’m reading a novel, when am I supposed to knit? Or catch up on those shows I’m behind on?

I’m starting to change my mindset. It is not 100% necessary to be productive all of the time. If I enjoy reading or anything else I should make the time to do it. Unfortunately I’m trying to work on Tim’s Christmas sweater, so I’ve been reading the book on my commute. Those magazines are piling up now!

This is a symptom of a bigger problem I have, which is not really relaxing. Thankfully I was able to take an evening of our trip and just rest in our room, or I would have dropped I’m sure. But I used to even think of vacation as having to go-go-go all the time. It was weird to relax on the beach. Recently, though, I’ve been considering taking trips where we can just chill out and relax somewhere. And read. And not be productive.


One Response to “Vacation knitting, not!”

  1. Ariel said

    I’ve had time to do nothing on my trip, it’s the best. I’ve also read a lot more than I thought I would and really enjoyed it. Your post did remind me I have knitting I should finish when I get home though! 🙂

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