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Posted by Andi on November 3, 2010

–My 2010 knitting resolution was to complete 26 projects. With just under two months left in the year I have 23 finished objects. I shouldn’t have any problem reaching 26 FOs. I just started some fingerless gloves that shouldn’t take too long, I will probably finish another pair of socks, and that would only require one more FO. Should be possible.

–I decided that I shouldn’t start Tim’s Christmas sweater before we leave for vacation. I don’t need there to be some sort of gauge issue or something by putting it down for a couple of weeks. That doesn’t leave a lot of time before Christmas, so I sat down with him and discussed the issue. Being the great guy he is, he is totally cool with that, and thinks it’s best for the sweater for me to start after vacation. It will be knit in bulky yarn, so maybe it won’t take that long and can be done by Christmas. 26th FO? We’ll see.

–The thing that stinks about knitting gifts is that I can’t discuss them here.

–I’m all about cowls all of a sudden. For most of the past year I wanted lots of shawls and scarves. Now, all I want to make and wear are cowls. I anticipate having several by winter’s end. So far I’m at one.

–I wish I could design something.

–I keep seeing all of these wonderful colorwork projects, and it makes me wonder if I can do that. I’ve done some very basic fair isle with decent, though not fantastic, results. I think I might start with mittens, and I know just the pattern!


2 Responses to “KnitBits”

  1. knitting1105 said

    Andi, You CAN do colorwork. I would be happy to work with you, come to my house and I will show you. It is very addictive, as you see the pattern evolve you want to knit and knit and knit…. PM me.

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