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YarnCon 2010

Posted by Andi on October 2, 2010

Today was the fourth annual YarnCon. This year I volunteered in the morning helping vendors bring in their goods. It was a lot of fun. One of the benefits was seeing some of the yarn as it was being brought in and set up, so I had an idea of what I wanted to get when it was time to shop!

This year I was torn. There are a couple of vendors whose yarn I love, but I still have some of their yarn in my stash. As much as I wanted more, I figured I should try some new yarns. Also, I have a ton of sock yarn in my stash, and I decided I should buy something else. So here’s what I got:

Rock Creek Yarn Silk Lace
This is Rock Creek Yarn Silk Lace. I looked at it two or three times before I finally broke down and bought it. It’s 1000 yards, so it should make a nice shawl. After I bought it I realized I used to have some Koigu sock yarn, but I offered it up as a prize in the Puck This! playoff pool. I could never figure out what socks to make with it, but I can think of tons of shawls that will look great made with this yarn.

San Juan Alpacas Emil
This is 220 yards of 100% alpaca worsted weight yarn by San Juan Alpacas. This yarn came from Emil the alpaca, and I believe that’s his picture on the tag. This is his color, it is not dyed. It’s such a beautiful chocolate brown. I have always wanted to buy yarn that is the same color as the animal, and today I finall did. This is by far the softest yarn I have ever owned. I’ve decided to make a cowl out of it.

There were so many other beautiful yarns I wanted to buy. I’m going to have to keep that vendor list handy as I buy yarn throughout the year!


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