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Resolution 2011

Posted by Andi on September 11, 2010

I’m still chugging away on my knitting resolution for 2010: To knit 27 finished object. So far I have finished 16 projects. I have two projects on the needles, that’s 18. I have three more projects that I’m making as part of a gift, that’s 21. Tim’s getting a sweater for Christmas, that’s 22. I will start another pair of socks for when I travel, that’s 23. And then I’ll probably make four dishcloths.

It’s only September, but I have already decided what my knitting resolution for 2011 will be. As part of an ongoing attempt to revamp my wardrobe, in 2011 I want to make more garments for myself. Things I will feel comfortable wearing to work. Pullovers and cardigans that are professional, and are more interesting than many of the garments I see in stores. Maybe some tops that can be worn under suits. I think that will be more fun than going shopping.


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