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Stitches Midwest 2010

Posted by Andi on August 22, 2010

My mom and I decided to go to Stitches Midwest together. My mom wanted to see what it was all about and I wanted to familiarize myself with new yarns, and I thought my mom would keep me accountable. There were so many pretty yarns.

What was most interesting to me was seeing the small businesses with unique yarns. I saw some awesome art yarns (I like that term better than “novelty yarn”) that made some really awesome fabrics. There were beautifully dyed sock yarns. One of my favorite booths was from an alpaca farm where they spin the fleece from the alpacas right on the farm. I plan to buy some of that yarn in the future.

I went to the Webs booth to check out the Valley Yarns line, and it was really difficult not to buy a sweater’s worth right then and there. It was nice to finally check them out in person and be able to feel them since I’ve considered buying them on many occasions.

Between the alpaca yarn and the Valley Yarns, I also found a skein of Lisa Souza lace weight that I wanted. My mom thought it would make a great shawl for fall, but there is no way I could knit a shawl for this fall. In the end, I decided not to buy any yarn. I have a few projects I need to finish in the short term, and the next yarn I buy needs to be the yarn for Tim’s Christmas sweater.

I only bought two patterns by Jordana Paige: Emmery (I tried on the sample and loved it — the sleeves are just long enough to cover my tattoo!) and Charlie. And believe me, I’ve already been on Ravelry trying to choose my yarn.

I was really proud of myself for not going crazy and buying all of the pretty. I wonder if I’ll be so good when I go to Yarn Con.


5 Responses to “Stitches Midwest 2010”

  1. Angela said

    My Lush and Lacy Cardigan is Valley Yarns… remind me to show it to you next time you’re over or something.

    Also, one of the girls I wanted to meet from Ravelry was working the Jordana Paige booth. I was debating on going yesterday while I was in Schaumburg, but decided not to tempt myself.

    • Andi said

      I wonder if it was the girl who sold the patterns to me. I think there were 3 girls working the booth when I was there.

      I can’t believe I didn’t buy any yarn. I really want to buy some of that alpaca yarn. I love those farms where the yarn is spun on the farm where the animals live, and it’s a natural color.

  2. knitting1105 said


    I admire your restraint! Too bad that you could not get your mother to purchase more yarn, that way we can keep her coming to the meetings.


  3. Mimi said

    Wow! I’m impressed by your restraint! I believe I already had an armload of stuff when I ran into you guys…Can I borrow your mom for next year? Or for YarnCon?

    • Andi said

      Sure! I’m going to see if my mom wants to go to YarnCon. I don’t think she’s ever seen anything that indie, and I think she would find it interesting. I’m volunteering on the morning shift.

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