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What is the tastiest thing you ate this week?

Posted by Andi on July 31, 2010

For us, this has been the summer of the farmers market. With just a few exceptions, nearly all of our produce this summer has been purchased at the farmers market. While I detest doing vegetables, meats, cheeses, etc. that the various farms are selling. We’ve developed some favorites. We always get a grab bag from the mushroom guy. We almost always buy something from the farm that sold the Japanese turnips.

The weekly farmers market in Oak Park opened earlier in the spring, so that was where we went every week. The Forest Park farmers market opened later, and it’s only every other week and on Friday nights. For various reasons we never managed to get over there until two weeks ago. It’s a smaller farmers market, but it has a wider variety of stalls, including a soap maker and knife sharpener.

Last night we only planned to get a little produce, but then I was lured over to a stall that was selling popcorn. I tried some bacon bourbon caramel corn, and I was hooked. It was made by Salted Caramel. Although I’ve been trying to eat better, I thought if I bought a small bag to share I would get a yummy hand-made treat and support a local business, so that’s what I did! It’s sweet and salty and has bacon!


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