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It shall be known as the airplane sock

Posted by Andi on July 22, 2010

I finally took a picture of my first Leyburn sock. Voila!

First Leyburn Sock

The yarn is Socks that Rock Lightweight in Hurdy Gurdy, the absolutely beautiful yarn that Adrienne gave me two Christmases ago. See how pretty it is!!!

The vast vast vast majority of this sock was knit on airplanes. I flew to and from California twice last month. Since it’s a short row toe and I didn’t want to deal with taking apart the provisional cast on whilst on an airplane I did the toe and first pattern repeat at home. All of the rest, up to maybe less than one inch from the cuff, was done on those long flights. I finished the last couple of pattern repeats and the cuff at knit group.

I have already done the toe on the second sock, but because I am now focusing on finishing the Blanket From Hell it’s likely that the second sock will also be an airplane sock. Next month I will be flying to Las Vegas, and it is quite possible I won’t work on this sock again until then.


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