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A sock and some motivation

Posted by Andi on July 21, 2010

For several weeks I felt stagnant. I didn’t want to knit anything; not my current works in progress or anything new. I viewed Project 365 as a chore instead of an exercise in creativity. I hated that feeling, but as much as I wanted to do something creative I had absolutely no motivation to do that something, whatever it was. The idea of doing something creative was nice, but it wasn’t going to be put into action. Was I tired? Burned out? Too hot? It was probably a combination of those things. It was one of those times when the responsibilities of real life took so much out of me that there was nothing left to give to creative pursuits.

But something happened in the past week or so. I switch has been flipped on. All of a sudden I’ve been motivated to do so much. I finished my first Leyburn sock and started the second. I’ve actually been motivated to work on the border to the Blanket From Hell. I have an idea for focusing my knitting practice and creating some of my own designs. But it’s not just knitting. I’m seeing the things around me differently, which helps me come up with pictures for Project 365. I want to start baking again, and even have a plan as to how to go about doing that. I started a new workout plan. I’m revamping the way I save and spend money.

It’s not just knitting, or crafty pursuits, but I’m motivated to make major life changes. Good changes.

Why? And how can I keep this up? I’m better rested. I’ve been working normal hours over the past three weeks, so maybe I’m less tired both physically and, more importantly, mentally. But I want from zero motivation to being off the charts.


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