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Saturday at Pitchfork

Posted by Andi on July 18, 2010

Tim and I went to the Pitchfork Music Festival in Union Park.

I’ll start with the music. We stayed on the main field for the first three bands, chatting with some friends. Free Energy was the perfect band to start the day, the onto Real Estate who were also great. The first band we really wanted to see going into the festival was Delorean, who were good, but I think they would be so much better in a tiny, dark little club somewhere. That would be awesome.

Then it was time for us to get up and move to the B stage which was in another section of the park (a section that, for the most part, was too small, but whatever). On the way I bought a banana from the Whole Foods tent, and stood in the very very long line to refill our water bottles. While in line we were able to listen to Titus Andronicus, who sounded amazing. I wish we would have paid more attention to this set because what we heard was great.

The first band over on the B stage that we saw was Dâm-Funk, who we thought was good and it was nice to see something a bit, well, funkier there, but I think we both wanted to like the set more than we did. However, I think I would like to see Dâm-Funk at a smaller venue. Sometimes festivals aren’t the best place to see an artist.


Next on that stage was the Smith Westerns, which was the band I really wanted to see. They still sound a bit raw, but this band is going to be awesome. The lead singer had the skinniest skinny pants I have ever seen (though the picture below doesn’t convey that). They were a lot of fun.

Smith Westerns

We headed back to the main field to see the Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, who were amazing. It was Tim’s favorite set of the day, and probably my second favorite set. Dude, the guy was awesome, and playing in like 95 degree heat in leather pants! How? Ouch! But he was so great — another band I hope I have the opportunity to see again.

Next was Wolf Parade, which was another band I was really looking forward to seeing. We sat and listened for a couple of songs, then grabbed some food and ate close to the stage where we could hear the band. I heard them, but never saw them. They sounded great, though. Yet another band I hope to see again.

We headed back over to the B stage to check out Bear In Heaven. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get into them because, although I really like their album, it sounds like autumn music to me. It was over 90 degrees yesterday, and they were playing in the bright sun. I think the fact that the stage was a bit shaded helped me get in the mood. I hope they come back to Chicago in a couple of months.

In order to avoid being exposed to Panda Bear, we walked through the record tent. Oh, if I had a turn table I would have spent so much money in there. It truly was a music lover’s paradise. Then we went through Flatstock — all of the concert poster art. Some day, when I own a home, I am going to have a bunch of concert poster art. I should start collecting now.

We were pretty successful at avoiding Panda Bear, and went back to the main field after they were over, just in time to get a spot for LCD Soundsystem. I had seen them a few years back at Lollapalooza and thought they were great, but man, they tore it up last night. The most amazing moment of the whole day was when they played “All My Friends”. Wow. Everyone was into it. It was incredible, and the sort of moment that defines why festivals can be incredible. I hope LCD Soundsystem isn’t done after this tour. That would make me sad.

The music and records and posters weren’t the only interesting things to see yesterday. The way the hipsters were dressed was, um, interesting. I do see how so many women can wear boots in such hot weather. The only reason I had shoes as thick as Converse Chuck Taylors on was because I didn’t want my feet to get sunburned. I can’t imagine wearing boots.

How hot was it? This dude created shorts on the spot.

Smartest guy at the festival

And this guy, who we saw several times, was barely dressed at all.

Barely dressed hipster


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