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Resolution progress

Posted by Andi on July 8, 2010

Now that the year is more than half over, I thought I would revisit my knitting resolution for the year and measure my progress.

My goal was to complete 26 projects this year. So far, I have completed 14 projects, one more than the 13 I needed to have finished by this time to be on target. So far, so good.

But, things are slowing down. I was on fire early in the year, and now I’m stagnant.

I currently have three projects on the needles. First is the Leyburn Socks. I’m less than an hour from finishing the first sock, but I have yet to pick it up since I came back from California two weeks ago. I haven’t knit in two weeks. I blame the heat, and after a crazy week that week, a need to truly relax.

Second is the blanket I’m making for a wedding present. I haven’t worked on this in a couple of months. All I have is the border left. I was going to sew it to the blanket as I knit it, but I don’t want a huge blanket on my lap in this heat. I will knit most of the border before sewing it on. This really needs to become a priority, not only because I just don’t want it on my project list anymore, but because the wedding I made it for was almost a year ago. It needs to be done soon.

Third is the Astrid shawl, which, let’s face it, is not going to be touched any time soon. Because each of the circles making up shawl can be knit quickly, I will do this when I just need something to do quickly. It will not be a focus until at least fall, which really makes no sense because, given how small each circle is, wouldn’t it be a perfect project for summer?

However, other projects are pressing, like the blanket. And gifts for friends who are expecting.

I’ve made a lot of scarves and shawls lately. I want more, but I also want to change my focus. What I’m really motivated to make now are lightweight cardigans I can wear to work in the summer to cover the tattoo on my arm. I have a bunch of patterns in mind. I will start with the Geodesic Cardigan because I have the yarn for it already, and we’ll see where I go from there.


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