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Drinking out of a shoe

Posted by Andi on May 30, 2010

I took this past week off work. I had to. If I didn’t take the time this week I would have lost it. Luckily it coincided with a holiday, so I was able to get an extra day off out of it!

We spent Monday and part of Tuesday up in Milwaukee with my mom. She wanted to see the Dead Sea Scrolls exhibit at the Milwaukee Public Museum. It was such a major exhibit that we had to get tickets for a particular time (2:00) so they could limit the number of people going in at any given time.

We arrived a bit early, so we got our tickets and walked around outside the Museum for a bit. A few blocks from the museum we saw what looked like a mansion. We went over to see what it was, and it was something called The Wisconsin Club.


On the way back we walked past the public library. We considered going in, but decided to spend the rest of our time before we had to be in the Museum sitting in a nice courtyard in front of the museum.

Sculpture outside of Milwaukee Public Libarary

The exhibit was great. It set up the history of the region where the scrolls were found, explained how they were found, how they were pieced together, then finally we got to see some of the fragments. It was really incredible.

We walked around the museum a bit after that. My favorite part was the butterfly exhibit.


Dinner that night was at Mader’s, a famous German restaurant. The place was amazing. There was art and interesting things to look at all over the restaurant. A giant chair. A suit of armor. Paintings. Sculptures. Carvings. And the food, it was great! Literally, it was the best sauerkraut I have ever eaten, bar none. Excellent. And the beer came in these huge glasses shaped like boots!


After dinner Tim and I took a walk along the river. We walked through the outdoor part of the Rock Bottom Brewery, and I have to say, that outdoor part kicks the Chicago version’s butt.


Oh, and I was able to see the last minute of Game 5 between the Flyers and the Canadiens through the window of an Irish Pub!

On Tuesday we went to the Pabst Mansion. That house is really amazing, and the group taking care of it is going through great lengths to restore it. If you are ever in Milwaukee, I highly recommend a tour. The woodwork, the floors, everything was so beautiful.

And of course, no trip to Wisconsin is complete without a stop at the Mars Cheese Castle. This time we got some beer, cheese (including squeaky cheese curds) and sausage.

More photos are available here.


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