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Yarn + My New Apartment + My New Post Office = Waiting

Posted by Andi on May 22, 2010

So far I’m loving my new home. My apartment is bigger and nicer. My new neighborhood is great. Up until now, the only thing I really missed about my old place was being able to see Lake Michigan out of my living room window.

But the events of the last couple of weeks made me miss something else about my old apartment. The building is what in Chicago would be considered a mid-rise apartment building — it had 14 floors. The management company had an office on the first floor. Besides the ease of dropping my rent in a slot instead of mailing it, the best thing about having the management office on site is that they signed for all of our packages. I never had to worry about trekking to the post office to pick something up; instead, it was locked in a closet in my building. The only slight drawback was that because the closet was locked one could only access it while the management office was open. However, once I got a job with set hours my boyfriend was unemployed, so he was always home at some point while the office was open. I never really had to wait for anything, and I guess that spoiled me as far as mail goes. I’m not used to having to wait for packages or trek to the post office to pick them up. I hadn’t had to do that for several years.

I bought some Wollmeise grab bags during the May 1 update. I know it can be a crap shoot as to when packages arrive from Germany. Once a friend of mine and I ordered on the same update, but my package arrived several days before her’s did, so I really had no expectation as to when this package would arrive. But when I started to see on Ravelry that some people in the United States started receiving their packages on May 7 I got excited that mine was in the country. However, I was out of town on business, and my business trip coincided with the time my boyfriend and I were dog sitting for my father and step mother while they were out of town, so our mail was on vacation hold. So many people reported that they got their packages that I was hopeful that when I would be able to go to the post office on the following Monday to pick up my mail that my Wollmeise would be waiting there for me.

So you can imagine my disappointment when the nice woman at the post office only handed me a few envelopes. I told her I was expecting a package, so she went in back and checked, but there was no package for me. Oh well, I thought, it should arrive shortly. Only it didn’t. Every day I hoped that either my box would be waiting for me inside my apartment or that that little peach slip would be in the mailbox, but it just didn’t show up. I grew more and more disappointed every day.

Finally, last Saturday the post office showed up at our home with a package, only for some reason my boyfriend didn’t hear the doorbell. He could have been asleep, he could have been in the shower, but he didn’t realize that a letter carrier tried to deliver a package until he left the house and saw the peach slip in the mailbox. He texted me to let me know. My friend and I were in the car, so I googled the post office to see what time they closed because we could hit the post office on the way home. My post office closes at noon on Saturday. It was 12:50. I was so annoyed.

What did I do? Went to a local yarn store on the way home and bought yarn to drown my sorrows, of course! There was a sample Citron shawl made with a very pretty variegated yarn, and I decided I wanted to make my own Citron with variegated yarn, so I bought this:

Misti Alpaca

It’s Misti Alpaca Hand Paint Sock Yarn in the Seattle colorway, which I love. I felt better, at least, so that was good.

When I got home I looked at the peach delivery attempt slip and discovered that it wasn’t my Wollmeise that that letter carrier tried to deliver, but a package from The Loopy Ewe: a birthday present from a friend (the one I was in the car with). I really wasn’t expecting that package to arrive so quickly, as I believe I was on the phone with my friend just a couple of days earlier when she ordered the yarn (or at least it was shortly thereafter). I couldn’t pick it up on Monday because the post office is open while I’m at work. I was rushing out the door when I realized I didn’t sign the slip for Tim to pick it up for me, so he picked it up on Tuesday instead. And look at the pretty:

Studio Jane Yarn

It’s Eight Bells yarn from Studio June Yarn in the colorway Dancing in the Moonlight. Isn’t it gorgeous???? It was one of the latest skeins added to my wish list before my birthday, and now it’s at my house!

This past Tuesday marked two weeks after my Wollmeise package shipped and it still hadn’t arrived, so I emailed the Wollmeise team for the tracking information. I received it Wednesday morning, and much to my surprise I discovered that according to the tracking information there was a delivery attempt on May 8, and it said they left a notice. Um, no. There was no peach slip. And anyway, my mail was on vacation hold that day, so why was there any delivery attempt? I started to get worried because I had asked if there was a package for me the following Monday and was told there was no package. I crossed my fingers and hoped it was still in the post office somewhere.

I finally made it to the post office Thursday afternoon. I explained to the nice lady behind the counter that a package was waiting for me but I had no delivery slip. She went in back and said she didn’t see any packages for me. She walked in back in another direction, and when she appeared again she still didn’t have a box. I started to get nervous. Was it gone? Finally she asked where the package was coming from. When I said “Germany” she immediately looked in a cabinet behind the counter and found my package right away. Yay!

Here’s my haul. I ordered two small We’re Different grab bags. One was a twin Kunterbunt which had the following two skeins:

Strohblume (It looks like summer and I want to knit something with this while sitting outside – that’s saying something given how much I hate being outside.)


The other bag was a twin Gelb-Orange bag.



As I was putting this post together I was thinking about how petty it is that I’m complaining so strongly about waiting a few extra days to get yarn. But I figured anyone reading this could commiserate. When you order yarn, you want it now!!!

I had to include the original version as well, but although I like this version, this is one of those cases where I like the cover better.


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