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Making our home greener

Posted by Andi on May 16, 2010

We have been trying to make positive changes in our home. Our old apartment was dreary for several reasons, and we had no motivation to make any changes. Moving helped. We could start over and make the positive changes we wanted to make.

Among the changes we wanted to make was adding more plants. We had a rubber tree plant (named Bouncy) and a pepper plant in the old apartment. As a housewarming gift my mom gave us a flowering plant, which I really enjoyed. We would like to have more plants and grow more things. Tim started our herb “garden” in earnest. The pots sit by the window in the kitchen. I see that some cilantro is growing, among a few others.

Yesterday I was at Ikea and was inspired to buy plants. I had some cacti when I was younger, so I got excited when I saw cacti for sale. I picked out this specimen:

My new cactus.

Because of it’s black and red spines, its little bit of white, and the fact that it’s pointy, I decided to name it Patrick Sharp, after the hockey player for the Chicago Blackhawks, whose colors are black and red. Then I saw some aloe plants. Tim had mentioned wanting an aloe plant once in the past, so I decided to get one of those as well.

My new aloe plant

I named it Sisyphus.


One Response to “Making our home greener”

  1. elanknits said

    I need to go home & look at my aloe plant, it definitely needs a name

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