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He likes them!

Posted by Andi on May 12, 2010

Despite my relative silence, I have been somewhat productive on the knitting front (and only somewhat on the reading front, but that’s not relevant here). Besides getting halfway through the Gossamer Stars Scarf, I finished the first of the Mock Cable Socks I’m making for Tim.

Tim's Green (!) Mock Cable Socks

He tried them on, and not only do they fit, but he actually liked them! My boyfriend, the guy who only wears plain white or plain black socks, likes these lime green socks that aren’t plain!

Tim's Green (!) Mock Cable Socks

Will he wear these once I finish the second sock? And in what situation? People who see me knitting this sock and know it’s for a man really wonder if he will be wearing them in public. I will be really happy if he wears them around the house and likes them, but I will be ecstatic if he decides to wear them in public!


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