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Separation Sunday

Posted by Andi on March 30, 2010

The clothes closets in our new apartment are somewhat smaller than the ones we have in our current apartment, so even though we are in the process of going through our clothes and will be sending a lot of our old clothes to the Salvation Army, we are still going to need some additional storage for our clothes. Tim suggested getting a second chest of drawers for our bedroom. Instead, I figured we could use the armoire we have to put the extra clothes. Unfortunately, the armoire is where my stash was stored.

On Saturday we went shopping for items for the new apartment, and I found these containers:

Yarn stash storage

The two big containers hold all of my full skeins of yarn. The partial skeins fit in the small canvas cube I already had. The small container holds all of my needles, crochet hooks, and notions. I think this works really well. We will keep it in the second bedroom.

We got the keys to our new place on Sunday. Because our old apartment is so cluttered right now we brought everything for the new apartment over there on Sunday. That means that stash was the first thing that was moved, and it’s 20 miles away right now. I kept my two WIPs here at the old apartment. I thought of keeping a couple of other skeins here in case I finish either of my WIPs, but then I realized that if I finish either of those WIPs it means I’m spending too much time knitting and not enough time packing or cleaning. Sometimes I just like looking at my yarn, though, so it’s weird to not be able to do that.


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