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Crawl to the border

Posted by Andi on March 20, 2010

I haven’t posted much about the afghan I’ve been knitting since November because it’s a gift, and I feared that the recipient would see it. I’m relatively certain, however, that she does not look at this blog, and if she does, oh well. So here we go.

I’m making the Tree of Life afghan for a wedding present. The wedding was several months ago. I really hope the newlywed couple likes it. I tried to find a pattern and color choice that would be meaningful to them, and maybe once the afghan is done I will explain it all.

It took me several months to knit the body of the afghan. I bound off last week, and it was an amazing feeling! Now all I have to do is knit the border and sew it on.

That’s all? Ha!

I’ve read on Ravelry that it takes a really long time to knit the border. Great. And I hate sewing. I considered creating some other sort of border where I could pick up stitches, but it won’t be nearly as nice. It’s a beautiful border with a leaf motif. Here is what one pattern repeat of the border looks like:

Border of Tree of Life Afghan

Isn’t that cute? I’ve now done three repeats. I reckon I need to do about 70 more. Ugh. After I have a few more repeats under my belt I may sew some of it to the blanket, and sew as I go. That will make the sewing so much more bearable.


One Response to “Crawl to the border”

  1. elan said

    pretty can’t wait to see how it develops

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