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When Black Friday Comes

Posted by Andi on January 24, 2010

My Black Friday gift to myself was a hank of Draygone Yarnes sock yarn in the Chicago Blackhawks colorway. I had been coveting it, and for the longest time there was just one hank on her Etsy site. Finally, on Black Friday, I broke down and bought it. I took a lot of time and care choosing a pattern. I finally chose Vortical from the Winter 2008 issue of Knotions. Today I finally finished the first sock.

Vortical Socks

I love it! The spiral goes in opposite directions on each leg. Now that I have this one down pat I fear that I will have a hard time on the next sock. It’s going to take a little though I think.

Vortical Socks


2 Responses to “When Black Friday Comes”

  1. Luv the socks!! The colors! The pattern!! Great combo!

  2. Oh yeah – awesome yarn and an excellent pattern choice to go with it.

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