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FO: Texter Gloves

Posted by Andi on January 3, 2010

Texter Gloves
Pattern: Texter Gloves by Kim Hamlin
Yarn: Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sport in Maple Grove, 1 hank
Needles: US 3 and US 5 DPNs
Date started: 12/5/09
Date completed: 1/2/10

These gloves were made to match the hat and scarf set I made.

It’s a good thing I made gloves before, because I totally had to recreate the pattern.

I made a gauge swatch that was right on. I even washed it! Yet when I started knitting, the gloves were too small. The fabric was pulling, creating spots for the cold air to get through. In order to compensate I went down in needle size and cast on the number of stitches for a medium in order to try to get the small size. That seemed to work, except for the fingers. The fingers were still way too tight, so I increased three stitches on each finger.

Ah, the fingers. I should back up a bit. For this pattern the fingers are worked in i-cord, then a new stitch is added. I thought this was a cool idea, and it seems that others on Ravelry who made the same project were able to get this to work, but I couldn’t. It just looked so sloppy when I did it, and there was still a big gap. It didn’t work at all. Back to the drawing board. Instead of making the gloves from the fingers down, I did the pattern backward and knit from the cuff up. That seemed to work better for me.

Finishing was sort of a nightmare though. I mean, it could be worse, but coming from someone who hates finishing, this was rough. There were so many loose ends to weave in. There were so many holes between fingers. Just when I thought I did a good job closing them all up, I would try a glove on and find that one didn’t really close. I really could have had these done last week, but I just couldn’t deal with it. I finally finished them last night because my fingers were sore from knitting. I had to so something else.

Texter Gloves

I sewed one thumb cap on more neatly than the other. Oh well. They seem to work well. The thumb easily comes off when I want it to, but doesn’t seem to when I don’t want it to. The thumb cap also stays back well, which is good because I also didn’t bother with the loop and button. These will be functional. I think they look nice. But if every glove project is going to be like this I don’t see a lot of gloves in my future.


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