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FO: Purple Cabled Arm Warmers

Posted by Andi on December 6, 2009

Purple Cabled Arm Warmers
Pattern: Green Cabled Arm Warmers by Elizabeth Martin
Yarn: Jojoland Melody Superwash in MS28
Needles: US 2 DPNs
Date started: 11/13/09
Date completed: 12/5/09

I am not super thrilled with how these came out. I like the pattern, though if I were to make them again I would cast on more stitches, then maybe halfway down the arm decrease to the number of stitches in the pattern. The top stretches a bit too much for my liking. But that’s minor. I like the braided cable.

On the other hand, I really wasn’t thrilled with the yarn. This yarn changes shades of purple. As you can see on the arm warmer to the left it changes more frequently than it does on the arm warmer on the right, which was the same shade for most of the arm warmer. I didn’t expect them to be symmetrical, and as a matter of fact I like a bit of asymmetry. There are a couple of skeins of Noro sock yarn in my stash, and I don’t plan on being anal about making sure that one sock stops and ends on the same colors as the other sock. At the same time, there will be some uniformity in there in regards to the frequency with which the colors change. At least I hope so. Perhaps this photo doesn’t show it well enough, but in person these arm warmers look very different.

In the grand scheme of things I guess it’s not a big deal, but I was a bit disappointed. I made these arm warmers to bring to work as it is often cold in my office. For that they fit the bill perfectly.


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