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Yarn Con 2009

Posted by Andi on November 4, 2009

I was lucky to make it to Yarn Con this year as I was out of town from work and didn’t fly back until that morning. I went straight from the airport to Yarn Con. My fear was that the best stuff would be sold out by the time I got there. What I wanted most of all was Sophie’s Toes yarn in Candy Corn. Luckily my friend Angela arrived early and had a hank put on the side for me. When I arrived at Yarn Con I went straight to the Sophie’s Toes booth where there was still a lot of Candy Corn yarn, but I was happy mine was reserved just in case.

Sophie's Toes

Then the confusion started. I knew I wanted to buy another hank of Sophie’s Toes yarn, but which one? I wanted to try some of the yarn with cashmere, or the yarn with the sparkles. But I also wanted additional colorways of the traditional sock yarn. What to do? I easily could have spent my entire Yarn Con budget at the Sophie’s Toes booth, but I really didn’t want to do that. Ultimately I decided upon the same type of sock yarn. Then I had to pick a colorway. I was holding Pumpkin Spice and Handsome Park Ranger for a long time. To be honest I don’t remember how exactly I made my decision, but I chose Pumpkin Spice.

Sophie's Toes

I had been at Yarn Con maybe 10 minutes and had already bought 2 hanks of yarn. My goal was to not buy anymore yarn until I had visited every booth. I did good for a while. I went over to the Yarn Hollow booth to show them my Rivendell socks which I had made with their yarn, but I didn’t really look at the yarn there. I moved on.

I made it about halfway through the first room before I failed upon arriving at the Turtle Cove Farm booth. The yarn was so pretty and had such awesome names! I bought two hanks of sock yarn. First I chose a color for my boyfriend who has only wanted me to knit white socks for him. I thought the Major Tom colorway of the Terrapin Toes yarn was perfect for him as far as dress socks are concerned. He will wear darker socks when he goes somewhere nice. Plus, I liked the yarn too, so if he decided he didn’t like it I would be more than happy to wear it myself. Also, since “Space Oddity” is his favorite David Bowie song, I thought that a colorway called Major Tom would be perfect for him.

Turtle Cove Terrapin Toes Sock Yarn

For myself I bought the Terrapin Toes yarn in Punk Rock Girl. And as of last week I think I know what I am going to make with it! I probably won’t get around to knitting with it until after the new year, but yes, it’s already spoken for. I then went around with the song “Punk Rock Girl” by the Dead Milkmen in my head.

Turtle Cove Terrapin Toes Sock Yarn

I did manage to make it all of the other vendors before buying more yarn. I went back to the Yarn Hollow booth. I looked at some of the other types of yarn, but decided to go with the Chrome again since that was the yarn I used for my Rivendell socks and I liked it so much. I considered a few colors, and decided upon Chai, which I thought was absolutely beautiful and appropriate for the season. It is their most popular colorway, and I can see why!

Yarn Hollow Chrome

I spent slightly more than my budget, but I chalk that up to my generosity in buying yarn for my boyfriend. Yeah, that’s it!!


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