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I have my next few projects picked out…

Posted by Andi on September 8, 2009

…now I just have to finish my current ones.

I finished my first ever toe-up sock over the weekend! Now I have to make the second one. I’ve finished the two and did the first two rows of the foot on the second sock. That will be my traveling project, so it would be great if I can manage to get the foot done in bits here and there before the weekend.

The whisper cardigan in almost done as well, but the rest is slow going as every other row has a 2-stitch increase. Those rows are getting long! I’m bound and determined to finish it in time to wear it at least once with a camisole before it becomes too cold to do so. It will need some blocking, so I need to account for at least a day for that. Maybe I can wear it to Yarn Con! 🙂

Now, the ones to come. I knew which to hanks of sock yarn I wanted to work with next, I just couldn’t determine the order. A friend helped me determine that over the weekend, so I’m good for a while on the sock front. Actually, I should say I have my next four sock projects, in order, chosen. I just have to choose a yarn for the third one. I decided that I’m going to make all of the patterns in Wendy D. Johnson’s book Socks from the Toe Up, but I will alternate between patterns in that book and other patterns. One Wendy pattern, one other pattern. One Wendy pattern, one other pattern.

After I finish the Whisper Cardigan I’m going to start my glove/hat/scarf set for the winter, starting with the gloves.

I need to get some of this stuff finished. My Ravelry queue is way too long!


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