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A deal with myself

Posted by Andi on August 22, 2009

I seem to have stalled. I currently have three projects on the needles, and I don’t seem to be making any progress on any of them. I take that back — I’m more than halfway through the shrug portion of my Whisper Cardigan. Otherwise, I’m in a knitting holding pattern.

I haven’t been as motivated to knit. I still want to start new projects, but I guess I sort of lost interest in the ones I’m currently working on. That has to change. I will not start another new project until I finish one currently on the needles.

Yarn Con is coming up in a little less than two months, and I’m looking forward to that. I got some great yarn there last year. However, I have yet to use any of it. I was so gung ho when I got it, but there it is, sitting there with the rest of my stash. I have plans for it. I know what projects I’m going to make with it. I just have to do it.

So I made a deal with myself. I am not allowed to buy any yarn at Yarn Con until I make significant progress on one of the projects I plan on making with the yarn I bought last year. Most likely that will mean starting the socks I was planning, but we’ll see.

If I can’t buy yarn at Yarn Con, should I even still go? Wouldn’t that just be torture?


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