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Dress you up

Posted by Andi on August 14, 2009

Today I bought the Summer 2009 issue of Verena. (Aside: This is the second issue of this magazine I have bought, and even though I have yet to knit anything from either issue, I really like the patterns.) There were several patterns I liked that I thought would flatter me, but which patterns really drew my eye? The knitted dresses.

For years I’ve been seeing patterns for knit skirts and dresses, and I often thought some were cute (though I thought lots were horrendous), but cute for someone else, you know? Maybe it’s because I’ve only ever seen skinny models wear these patterns. Note that I haven’t really looked at finished objects on Ravelry to see what real people look like in these patterns. Maybe I should. Maybe if I did that I would seriously consider making the cute dress and skirt patterns I seem to be stumbling upon lately.

I’m pear-shaped. My bottom half is a size bigger than my top half is. The normal knitter would think this would make me a perfect candidate for a knit dress because I could alter the pattern so that the garment would fit me properly. But, really, I can’t be bothered. I have so little time to knit these days that I don’t want to spend precious knitting time doing math. Additionally, they just seem so impractical. Not only do I have to knit the thing, but then I have to figure out what to wear with it because it seems like all the dresses and skirts I’m drawn to are lacy or have some sort of open work involved. And that’s more trouble than I want to deal with.

But I’m looking at these in a new light, and perhaps I should make a point of knitting a dress one day.

This post reminds me of this song, so here it is. If there is anything I love more than knitting it’s music. So expect to see more here.


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