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Anyone can design something… even me

Posted by Andi on July 27, 2009

I designed my first pattern over the weekend. Is that true? I guess that depends on what you consider design to be.

Maybe my Double Knit Piano Scarf was the first thing I designed. But I don’t really think I designed that. I saw someone else with a double knit scarf of a piano keyboard, and I found a stitch pattern of a keyboard and just double knit it. Maybe if I had come up with the stitch pattern for the keyboard, then I would have designed it. I don’t know. As it happened I really don’t think I did.

Over the weekend I was inspired to design something original. I was seriously considering entering the Berroco Sock Star Competition. I took out my two balls of Berroco Sox and started playing around with them. I came up with a sock design that was simple, but I really liked it. I was seriously considering entering it in the competition.

Then I made a mistake. I noticed it about four rounds after I made it, and given the design it was really difficult to fix. I tried dropping the stitch down a few rows, hoping I could fix it that way. No such luck. The only option was to frog it. Then I had to decide, after a whole weekend of work, would I start over and send my design in? Ultimately, this afternoon, I decided I wouldn’t. I still plan on starting the socks over. Maybe once I’m done I’ll post the pattern here. But there are a couple of other WIPs I wanted to finish by the time my entry had to be sent, and I would rather focus on those. For example, I will be attending a wedding the week the entries are due. I’m working on both the Whisper Cardigan and Icarus shawl, and I would really like to wear one to the wedding. I have no chance of finishing either one of them if I were to perfect this sock pattern. I was proud of myself of coming up with something I thought was cool.

I guess designing my first sock inspired me today, because all of a sudden I looked at a cardigan in a new light. I bought it at Old Navy just before I started my job. It’s gray, has 3/4 sleeves, and ties in the front. Even though I’ve worn it many times in the past year, today I noticed that it had a bit of the zig zag that the Jaywaker sock has, but it also has this other bit that would be made by yarn overs, k2togs, and some purl stitches. I was thinking of trying to figure the second bit out, and then make a pair of socks or a scarf in the same stitch pattern.


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