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On my toes

Posted by Andi on July 24, 2009

I got Wendy Johnson’s book Socks from the Toe Up for my birthday. I really like Wendy’s blog, so I had high hopes for this book. I really like it. So far (as you will see below) I’ve been able to understand the way she explains everything, and I really like the patterns that are included.

Since I’m trying a new technique, I figured this would be the perfect time to make a new pair of socks for my boyfriend. He still wants plain socks, generally white (though he has starting pointing out some other colors when we are at the LYS, and sometimes even points out varigated yarns he likes!), and I figured I wouldn’t mind making white(ish) plain socks when using a new technique. I allowed him to choose the heel he wanted. He chose the short row heel, so I’m using the short row toe and heel pattern.

The short row heel starts with a provisional cast on. I’ve been knitting for six or seven years now, but until a few days ago, I had never used a provisional cast on before!

My first provisional cast on

I got through the toe, but there were holes. I realized that I hadn’t always succeeded at picking up both wraps on some stitches, so I tore the whole toe back and started over. I was more careful to pick up both wraps the second time around, and it turned out much better.

My first toe-up sock - short row toe

At that point it was pretty easy to start working in the round.

My first toe-up sock - ready to start the foot

Compared to the way my kitchener stitched toes look on the cuff down socks I’ve done in the past, this looks way neater. It was also cool to see the toe take shape. I haven’t worked with short rows much, so it was interesting to see that little pocket form.

I went on a business trip this week, and was able to get quite a bit done on the plane. I got most of the foot done on my first flight, and got most of the way through the heel on my second flight.


2 Responses to “On my toes”

  1. Louise said

    Your toe looks great! Can’t wait to see pictures of the finished sock. I just bought this book as well. I am having a hard time deciding which pattern to make. I keep coming back to the lace socks and I want it to have simple pattern so it will be a quick knit so I think it will be the Diagonal Lace socks for me.

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