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Whispering again

Posted by Andi on July 16, 2009

Last week I went to one of my LYSs to get a 12″ circular needle to use for the sleeves of my Whisper Cardigan. (What else I left the LYS with is another story, which I will save for another post.) Last night I decided to cast on again.

My boyfriend and I decided to sit outside last night. I brought knitting, and he brought his Sudoku puzzles. He forgot something and went back to the apartment while I went to find a nice spot by the lake. I sat on a bench, and took out my project bag. I removed the yarn, I removed the new needle…

Wait a minute, I forgot a stitch marker! How am I supposed to knit in the round without one?

Frantically I searched my project bag again. How could I have forgotten to pack a stitch marker? I started digging through my purse to find a suitable substitute, and came up empty. I whipped out my phone to call my boyfriend to bring a stitch marker to me. Just as it started to ring he came around the corner, already back.

I pouted for a minute because I didn’t want to go back inside (if this was the most upsetting thing that happened to me yesterday it must have been a good day). I went to put the needle back in the bag, as I resigned myself to going back upstairs, when I noticed something on the back of the package.

My new needle came with a stitch marker!!!

I hadn’t noticed this when I bought it. The circular needles are kept behind the counter, so I just asked for it and it was put in the bag. Last night was the first time I took it out, and I never looked at the back of the package. My luck!!!

I don’t know what it is, but for some reason, when working with circular needles in the round, I always have to cast on at least twice. I always end up twisting the stitches. This doesn’t happen much with DPNs, and it seems no matter how hard I try to keep them straight it doesn’t work as well for me on circular needles.

The second time was the charm, and I spent the rest of last night and part of tonight (while watching Into the Storm – great acting by Brendon Gleeson) working on my sleeve. I love my 12″ needle!! It’s so cute and wee!!!!


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