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What was I thinking?

Posted by Andi on June 7, 2009

I bought the Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light in a nice autumn color in order to make a nice autumn scarf for myself. Emphasis on AUTUMN! Clearly my brain wasn’t working when I thought the Lace Ribbon Scarf would be a good choice for a winter scarf.

My brain was clear this morning when I saw that, after two pattern repeats completed last night, that this would by no means be a good winter scarf. I spent this morning going through my patterns, and I have decided that I would make the Forbes Forest scarf by Kathy Zimmerman for my set.

I cast on and worked on the first four rows. This is going to be a challenge. There is nothing difficult stitch-wise. But there are three sections to the scarf, the two on the ends and the one in the middle. They have a different number of rows in the pattern repeat, so I will have to use two row counters. There are lots of cables. I have yet to get into a rhythm, so it’s pretty slow going so far. However, I think it will be really pretty when it is done.


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