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I’m already thinking winter, and it’s not even officially summer yet!

Posted by Andi on June 6, 2009

A few weeks ago I bought 5 hanks of Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light in this pretty rust color:

Berroco Ultra Alpaca

I wanted to make the Lace Ribbon Scarf with it. I didn’t think it would take five hanks to make the scarf, but the LYS had five hanks, so I bought them out.

I had also been contemplating making a hat/gloves/scarf set for next winter. I thought it would look more put together when I have to go to work than the mix and match winter accessories I currently have. It wasn’t my intention when I bought the yarn, but since my winter coat is brown, I think I’m going to use this yarn to make my set. I will make the Lace Ribbon Scarf, then find a hat pattern and a glove pattern I like. I will likely have to buy more yarn, but that’s fine. I will use the yarn I currently have to make the scarf and hat. New yarn would be best used for the gloves, which will be further away from the hat and scarf, so a change in dye lots won’t be so obvious.

I started making the Lace Ribbon Scarf this evening. I’m through 10 rows. So far I love working with the Ultra Alpaca Light. It’s so soft! It’s going to be lovely to wear.


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