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Reminder: Post!

Posted by Andi on May 25, 2009

I have neglected this blog lately. I’ve been busy, and I haven’t done that much knitting. Here is my note to myself to remind me of all the things I have to either update here or on Ravelry. Maybe then I will actually get around to doing some of it.

1. Take and post pics of finished objects:
Seafoam Scarf
Turtleneck Shrug
Sweetpea (this project managed to disappear from Ravelry… did I never post it?)

2. Post about current projects:
Aleita shell (which I am about to start)

3. Take pics of new yarn and post to Ravelry. This includes yarn I got at Christmas time. I’m way behind.

4. Talk about new knitting books.

Wow. I’m behind.


One Response to “Reminder: Post!”

  1. emy said

    Babe, it won’t have been just you who is behind on posts.

    I am too! 😛

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