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WIP – Big Sack Sweater

Posted by Andi on January 18, 2009

I finally have something interesting to show:

WIP - Big sack sweater

I am *so* close to being done with this sweater. It’s a raglan, and I’ve sewn the sleeves to the body and completed the neck band. Now all I have to do is sew the side and sleeve seams. The sweater has been in its current state for about a week now, with no progress made.

I’m a little bit angry at myself, because it really wouldn’t take all that much effort or time to finish the darn thing. I hate seaming, and I know that’s part of why I’m stalling.

Why do I hate seaming so much? Because I’m bad at it. In order to make a nice seam I have to have a lot of time and no distractions. And my brain must be functioning. To be fair, there hasn’t been a time in the past week where the conditions were right for seaming. I’ve either been tired or working or had something I wanted to watch on television. I will need a couple of hours where I am alert, awake, and not distracted. I think I will have to wait until next weekend for that time.

My goal is to have this sweater done exactly one week from today. It’s 5:49 PM on Sunday night. Next Sunday night this thing better be done.


One Response to “WIP – Big Sack Sweater”

  1. Clea said

    Seaming can be hard at first but please keep trying at it. I used to hate it too but now I can get into a zone when I’m seaming just like I do when I’m knitting. Although I also have to have quiet and some space. But the end product when I get into a good groove is so worth it. So keep sewing and enjoy it. The sweater is beautiful.

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