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What is the color of winter? I know what isn’t.

Posted by Andi on January 15, 2009

Caution Falling Ice

Every morning, on my way to work, I walk past a women’s clothing store. This week I noticed a change as to what was in the window and the front of the store. All of a sudden there were bright colors and lighter fabrics. It just looked weird. There I was, walking in cold and snow, seeing people in dark parkas and wool coats, and there in the window was green, yellow, and orange where last week there was black and white, and maybe some jewel tones. It just didn’t fit. That so didn’t make sense in my world that morning.

Tuesday night we decided to clean off and move the car before the deep freeze later this week (which started today). We ran some errands. After spending a half hour trying to get my stuck car into a parking space when I got home – which finally happened due to the kindness of a stranger who helped my boyfriend push my car – I went online to look at some new spring yarns. It just wasn’t working for me. I saw beautiful colors, but I just could not relate to them, even the beautiful green yarns.

After I frogged my Jaywalker I was considering what to do next. Did I want to try another pair of Jaywalkers with different yarn? Did I want to step away and work on a completely different sock pattern? I started to ponder the sock yarns I had, and which I wanted to work with. I considered working with some Noro sock yarn, since I’ve been wanting to for months. I then considered working with the skein of TOFUtsies that I have, since I’ve been wanting to work with that too. Then I looked at it, lime green in color, nestled among less brightly colored yarns in my armoire. I just couldn’t work with it right now.

It occurred to me that my environment really seems to affect the colors I like and want to knit with. In the early autumn I was annoyed that I was working with a really neutral colored yarn because I wanted to work with some beautiful autumn colors. Right now, even though this winter has been more extreme than normal so far, instead of seeking comfort in bright colors, I can only related to colors that seem to fit the current climate.


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    i cant see attention 🙂

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