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WIP – Jaywalker

Posted by Andi on January 10, 2009

WIP - Jaywalker

I started these on January 1, and I haven’t picked them up since. I brought them with me on my trip this week, but I had no time to work on them. At home I’ve been working on the Big Sack Sweater (which I will probably finish this weekend), so I don’t see myself working on these much until next week.

WIP - Jaywalker

The colors don’t stripe evenly, which is okay, but I’m not sure how I like them yet. I think this is nicer than if I had just made a plain ribbed or stockinette sock, but I’m not sure what I think so far. At first the unevenness was bothering me, but now I kind of like that the striping is different from every angle. We’ll see.


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