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Is knitting Christmas gifts self-serving?

Posted by Andi on December 3, 2008

I’m sure that any knitter who is reading this is working on their holiday knitting these days (unless you are one of those crazy people who have their gifts finished already!). Most of the time we put a lot of time and effort into our gift knitting. We think about their person, their likes and dislikes. We choose a pattern and yarn that we think they would like. Then we spend hours upon hours, days, maybe weeks or months creating their gift. A lot of time, thought, love, and sometimes even pain goes into each gift.

But what about those times where you grab a quick pattern, stash yarn that you aren’t completely sure the recipient would like, and big needles just to have a present for someone. Is that rude?

My stepmother’s grandma is in her 90s. She’s nearly blind and is hard of hearing. What does one give someone like her for Christmas? Over the past few years I’ve knit her gifts. She used to crochet, so she understands the effort that goes into knitted gifts. I’ve made her a throw, a shawl, and a scarf. What do I do this year?

Then I remembered the Two-Hour Knit Scarf. Quick, easy, done. And I have a few skeins of Homespun in my stash. But is this a thoughtless gift because it’s quick and easy and, well, mindless? Someone who can’t see well won’t be able to see any fine details that a more intricate project would have. But she could feel the texture of the Homespun in garter stitch. If I use the skein of varigated yarn I have there will at least be different colors.

I feel a little bit guilty choosing this project. I’m taking yarn I already have, without thought, and making the quickest thing I can with it. Then I give it to someone, and I have no idea whether they would like it or not. But really, what else can I do?

If you have any suggestions I would be open to them.


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