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I’m thankful for the fact that it’s still Thanksgiving weekend!

Posted by Andi on November 29, 2008

Boy, did I need this long weekend. Not only did I need to recharge the batteries a little bit after being really busy, but I really needed to get some knitting in.

And knit I did. I think it’s appropriate that I finished knitting my first Christmas gift on Thanksgiving. It still needs to be blocked, but the knitting is done. I started my second gift on Friday. Since we sat at Tim’s parents’ house watching What Not To Wear all day, I managed to get quite a bit done. These would be the socks for my mom. There is a little less than a month until Christmas, and I should be able to finish these. I already have the pattern repeat memorized, so it should be smooth sailing from here.

I decided that I’m only making two gifts. I was going to make three, but that’s not realistic. Someone will get a store-bought gift instead. What can I say, I only have so much time. Only once have I shown someone something I started making them when gift giving time came around because I wasn’t finished with it. Never again. The gift will be finished at the appropriate time, or they will get something else. So this year I am only making two gifts, which was realistic given 1. the time I started, and 2. they aren’t quick projects like hats.


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