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Yarn Pr0n – Malabrigo Lace

Posted by Andi on November 22, 2008

I needed to take my car into the dealership to get some work done on it. Instead of going to the one closest to my apartment (and when I say “closest” I mean that loosely – it’s still over a half hour away) I decided to drive to the dealership in Downers Grove. I figured that way I was close to my parents and could stop in to see one of them after the car was finished.

The work on my car was done quicker than I thought it would be, so I decided to stop at Knitche before heading onto my dad’s house. I love going to new-to-me yarn shops! After walking around the store a couple of times, I narrowed my yarn choices down to three things: Fleece Artist, some alpaca sock yarn, or some Malabrigo Lace.

Malabrigo lace

I had a hard time choosing a color. I really wanted this one, but I feared I would need two hanks, and the other hank in this colorway looked different. So I stood in front of the yarn for about 10 minutes while I fiddled with my Blackberry, looking on Ravelry for the pattern I had in mind, to check out the yarn requirements. I finally decided one hank would work, and I bought this one.

It’s so soft and pretty 🙂


One Response to “Yarn Pr0n – Malabrigo Lace”

  1. I am a Mal junkie! ;op So I can’t wait to see which pattern you decided on!

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