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Yarn pr0n courtesy of my mom

Posted by Andi on November 18, 2008

Cascade Heritage

Behold the Cascade Heritage sock yarn my mom chose. I’m to make her a pair of socks. I’ve chosen a pattern, but I’m not going to tell, because it’s supposed to be a surprise.

As if she reads this blog. Still, in case she does, it’s a surprise. Hi Mom!

The yarn isn’t faded as it appears in this picture. I was taking the picture in bad lighting. I’ve been putting off taking a picture of this yarn that I wasn’t about to try to find better lighting somewhere in the apartment, or wait for daylight. I suck. I’m sorry.

Will I be able to even start these socks before Christmas? We shall see.

By the way, I saw a woman wearing a Tychus on the L last night.


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