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Pondering My Options

Posted by Andi on October 30, 2008

Now that I’ve decided I’m going to make a sweater (or other such garment) for myself in the future I’ve been thinking about what I want to make with my bulky yarn. I went through my Ravelry queue this evening, and here are the options I came up with:

* Big Sack Sweater
* Alpine
* Little Blue Sweater (only mine won’t be blue)
* Burnished Tunic
* Provincial Waistcoat

I don’t really have to make a decision until I have the time to knit it, but of course I’m thinking about it a lot. You know, instead of working on the hat I need to start. Whatever.

Since I want to make the Aleita Shell and Kaino soon, I’m thinking of staying away from anything vesty. I’m not sure if I will stay away from anything short sleeved as well or not. If I have enough yarn to make a long-sleeved sweater, I may as well do that, right?

I didn’t have a pattern in mind when I bought the yarn, but when I got home and started going through patters I immediately decided I wanted to use it to make the Big Sack Sweater. I’ve been wanting to make that sweater since I started knitting. Right now, however, I’m leaning towards the Burnished Tunic. I think it would be more flattering on me. I don’t know.

Any opinions?


2 Responses to “Pondering My Options”

  1. Katy said

    From those choices, I’d go with the Burnished Tunic. The model is doing some weird stuff in the photos, so I’d double check the pattern for weirdness and read the notes on the Ravelry projects, and make sure that the dimensions (both in the pattern and as you knit) match your body/favorite clothes with some sort of realism, but it looks interesting and edgy without being “what the heck is she wearing?”

  2. tickleslordchaos said

    I vote for the Provincial Waistcoat. I want to knit that one for myself, so I am biased.

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