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The tide is turning

Posted by Andi on October 29, 2008

If you look at my finished objects for the year, you will notice that, for the most part, they were small, quick projects.  Hats, socks, scarves and the like.  I’ve really been adverse to knitting things that take a lot of commitment.  This is odd, because generally I’m a patient person, and I never had a problem knitting labor-intensive projects before.

It started with Poinsettia, which I started over a year and a half ago.  All of the pieces have been knit up for well over a year, yet I can’t bring myself to seam it up.  Besides the fact that I just hate seaming, I think it was because I had no enthusiasm for the project.  It was a pure stash busting project.  I knit it because I had the yarn to make it.  I didn’t purchase that yarn to make that sweater, but it worked so I made it.  I think I just lost interest.  Once every couple of months or so I get this itch and think, “I’m going to sew up Poinsettia this weekend.”  Yeah, right.

Then I started Lys.  I was really excited about this project, and bought the yarn specifically for it.  As it was coming together, however, I wasn’t really feeling it anymore.  While I liked the pictures with the pattern, I wasn’t nearly as impressed with what was on my needles.  I saw an FO on Ravelry, and it didn’t look that great either.   The yarn was expensive, and I don’t think the cardigan will turn into something I want to wear, so I am going to frog it eventually.  Why waste the awesome yarn I bought for it?  Strike two.

The last sweater I started (and ultimately DID fiinish) was Cobblestone.  This was not without its own issues.  First, I planned for it to be my boyfriend’s birthday present, but I was nowhere near done with it in time.  Thus, it became a Christmas present.  I did finish it in time, but it was cumbersome.  We live together, and I had to work on it when he wasn’t around if it was to stay a surprise.  Instead of being able to casually sit back, watch some television, and work on Cobblestone to my heart’s content I had to knit as quickly as possible when my boyfriend wasn’t home or when I could manage to smuggle out of the house without his noticing.  Because of that I didn’t enjoy the process of knitting Cobblestone at all.

It wasn’t until the past couple of weeks that I’ve been in the mood to start a sweater again.  I offered to make my boyfriend another sweater this Christmas, one that he would know about so that I could work on it leisurely in front of him.  I offered to make a sweater for one of my co-workers who just moved here from Florida and only has one wool sweater.  And I’ve been looking more closely at sweater patterns for myself.  A while ago I bought a sweater’s worth of bulky yarn on sale, and I think that after I finish my Christmas gifts and the Double Cap for my friend I’m going to use it to finally make another sweater.  I truly feel that this is a good step.  The sweater should knit up quickly with the bulky yarn, so hopefully I won’t lose interest.

In the future I am going to have to be more critical of the garments I choose to make.  If I’m knitting for myself, I’m only going to knit something I really want to have.  And I’m never going to hide a sweater from my boyfriend again.  That was too rough.


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