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Slight drought

Posted by Andi on October 28, 2008

While I was at knit group on Sunday I realized that it had been a full week since I had knit anything.  The Sunday before last I knit on my way too and from the movies, and then didn’t knit again until knit group.

I thought about knitting a lot during that time.  I thought about bringing the one project I have on the needles right now with me one morning, but I was going to a building with tight security that day and didn’t want to risk bringing the knitting needles.  I listened to knitting podcasts.  I spent a lot (as much as “a lot” is these days, which is way less than before) time on Ravelry.  But there was no actual knitting.

I even contemplated starting on the hat I’m supposed to be making for a friend of mine.  I thought about it many times.  I picked up the yarn, and then always put it back down.  I still haven’t started it.

Since Sunday, however, I have been motivated to work on my one WIP (which is a gift so I don’t want to discuss what it is).   I was sort of concerned about how the yarn would knit up, especially with the pattern, but my mind was put at ease when several of my fellow knitters commented on how nice the project was turning out.  If the gift recipient acts the same way I should be in good shape!


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