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Let the boring begin

Posted by Andi on September 15, 2008

My boyfriend must realize how loved he is.

He has to. Because I’m making him this:

The start of the most boring hand-knit sock ever

I thought that, because he has diabetes, I could make socks for him that would be better for his feet than store-bought socks. He seemed receptive to the idea of hand-knit socks, so when we were at the Knitting Workshop sale I asked him to find some sock yarn he liked. There were several balls of blue sock yarn, which is what I expected him to pick because blue is his favorite color.

Oh no.

“I only really wear white socks.”

He didn’t want a cable. No stitch pattern. Just 2×2 rib and stockinette.

These will be the most boring hand-knit socks ever!

I cast on yesterday, and while knitting with friends I managed to get quite a bit done. I worked on them on the train during my commute this morning. When I got home tonight I measured them, and they are 6″ long so far. I was going to make the leg 8″ long. I’m sort of surprised I got this far so fast, but when you are just knitting stockinette in a circle over and over again you can get a lot done.

I took a break from them this evening and worked on the hat I’m making. I probably won’t mention that again until it’s done. Of course, I could end up finishing it tomorrow.


One Response to “Let the boring begin”

  1. runlikemad said

    Can I say that I think it’s wonderful that you’re knitting a pair of WHITE SOX.

    … That really is true love right there.

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