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The never-ending question

Posted by Andi on April 4, 2008

How many and what kind of projects should I have on the needles at a time?  This usually comes up when I have to travel or go to knitting group.  Today, I’m asking this question because of the latter.

I could take the Twisted Tulip Socks, but those require a lot of cognitive resources.  I’ve found that I’m unable to work on them while paying attention to the television.  I can watch sports, because if anything good happens there will be an instant replay, but watching John Adams was impossible.

I could take Lys.  It’s been sitting around long enough, and I would love to finally get that finished.  I’m at the point on one of the sleeves where the rapid color and stitch changes are coming up.  They aren’t hard to work on, but it means taking lots of balls of yarn out of the house, and while it’s possible, it seems more trouble than it’s worth for a few hours of knitting at Starbucks.

The double knit piano scarf.  I haven’t worked on it in a few weeks, and I’m now at the point of admitting defeat: I will not be able to wear it until next winter.  There is just way too much left to do.  I could take this to knitting group, as it isn’t the pain in the butt that some of the other projects would be, but it gets kind of awkward to double knit at a table.  Holding two balls of yarn in my lap gets annoying after a while.  That project is much better suited to sitting on my couch where I have lots of room.  Recently I’ve been taking it to knitting group and, if I get there early, working on it before it gets crowded.  After that it’s a little difficult.

Poinsettia only needs to be stitched up, and that’s not really a project for Starbucks either.

That leaves the Phiaro scarf, which has become my default project while watching television when I want to pay attention.  All that is left is braiding all of the fringe.  I’ve been braiding for a week and half, and I’m only half done.  Of course, I haven’t worked on it every day.  I’m maybe halfway done with the first side.  I could take it to knitting group and braid the whole time.  Do I want to braid the whole time?  I don’t know.

The last option is starting a new knitting-group-friendly project.  What would that be?  I could start the Noro scarf or the Chevron scarf, but I already working on 2 scarves.  I don’t want to start another sweater because I have 2 unfinished ones the way it is.  Perhaps I should spend the afternoon drinking coffee and braiding.


3 Responses to “The never-ending question”

  1. Rachel said

    Oh I can relate to this! I keep trying to believe that there is no such thing as too many WIPs 🙂 I have my car knitting, my home knitting, knitting that’ll fit in my handbag, knitting that can be done while talking… etc

  2. Andi said

    It ended up being a moot point because I didn’t go to knitting group this week, but I will probably be going next week, and what will I bring then???? 🙂

  3. sandrar said

    Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

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