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New WIP: Phiaro Scarf

Posted by Andi on February 4, 2008

I started a new project. I cast on for the phiaro scarf on Saturday. I liked it so much I cast on four times! The first time I started knitting with the tail, and did enough stitches that it was quicker for me to frog and cast on again than it would have been for me to tink. The next two cast ons resulted in twisted stitches, even though I thought I checked both times. Finally, late Saturday night, I got it right.

I think this is the perfect project for knitting in public. Once it is properly cast on and joined, all you do is knit in the round for a while. I can go to knitting group and not deal with working with two colors and a chart, as I’m doing for the piano scarf. I took it to my friends’ home last night and worked on it while drinking beer and watching the Super Bowl. I can do a few stitches while waiting for YouTube videos to load, and I can put it down at any point. At this point I really don’t think I can mess it up!

I’m loving the yarn, which is South West Trading Company Oasis. I love working with it. I like how it feels. I can’t wait to wear this scarf.

My only concern is how I am going to change balls of yarn. Many of the stitches end up being dropped, and I want to make sure I don’t add a new ball of yarn on a stitch that is to be dropped. I think I will be okay if I do some counting of stitches before adding the new yarn. We shall see.

ETA: This is also the perfect project for when you are sick!  You know, when you are bored, but can’t think too much and you might get tired at any time so it has to be something you can just throw down at any moment.


2 Responses to “New WIP: Phiaro Scarf”

  1. Rachel said

    Hey Andi

    The scarf sounds great! I just wanted to check in and say that the comment you left (months ago) really touched me – and I’m sorry for worrying you by disappearing! I’ve been fine – but our computer collapsed (as we knew it would – had been running for nearly five years without an internal fan!). I’m hoping to get back to blogging really soon – and in the meantime I’m loving catching up on your blog!


  2. Andi said

    No problem. I’m glad you are okay. I think around the time I wrote that comment a member of an online community I’m active in passed away, and none of us knew for a week, so that was kind of on my mind at the time. In the following weeks there was a lot of, “Have you heard from so-and-so? (S)he hasn’t posted in a few days.” It’s sort of weird. Anyway, I look forward to reading your updates whenever you get to them.

    My computer’s internal fan is on it’s last legs. I have the case open with a regular fan blowing into it at all times!

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